Nuts to you nut butter

New favourite things this week. Blue corn chips. The novelty factor alone is worth it, and they are salty and delicious. Cashew nut butter, where has this been all my life???  And  lastly, maple syrup sweets bought from a stall at last weekend’s Market. Kinda fudgy and soft, they are just incredible.

 Since I’m in a foodie mood and I have fresh raspberries galore, last night I felt inspired to make another pav, it was textbook spot on and the raspberries made it perfect. But what to do with the egg yolks? I remembered this recipe I always wanted to try, ‘Raspberry Pots’ from the Marie Claire series “Comfort” by Michele Cranston. I’ve looked at the page so many times when I open the book it automatically falls open to that page. I knew the ingredients but not the method (or quantity’s), so I thought maybe I could wing it by basing it on a regular baked custard recipe.  It didn’t quite work as it didn’t set, although it tasted sublime. Yum.