Myf and the Paper Bag



I don’t often let Myf and Charles into my sewing room/shop. Supervised they’re well-behaved, they’ll often curl up at my feet and sleep or sit on my lap while I paint or sew. But left unsupervised…well there’s so much to tempt small inquisitive cats. String to chase and drag about, ribbons to unravel, newspaper to pounce on, little cloth birdies to bop and soft toys to chew and destroy.

I should have known something was amiss when I walked into my sewing room this morning. Signs of an intruder evident. A ball of white wool was mysteriously at the bottom of the stairs, scraps of cloth were scattered about and fabric piles knocked over. And in the corner looking rather forlorn, hiding under the table in the dark was a little brown cat. She was sitting next to a brown paper bag, it’s fabric scrap contents splayed about. On closer inspection she was actually stuck in the bag, her body jammed through the narrow paper handle. Not sure how she managed to get stuck in it! First I laughed and got my camera and took a few piccies, then felt bad cause it was a tight squeeze. I had to cut it off her! She had pressure marks in a perfect circle around her middle, indenting the fur like when you leave an elastic on your wrist for too long. She won’t do that again in a hurry.


Vege patch cats

It was a glorious afternoon here today so I took Myf and Charles up to the back garden. They both sit queued at the screen door ever hopeful and as soon as it’s opened launch themselves like speeding rockets straight outside. They both love exploring the garden, Myf is the bravest out of the them, Charles scares himself at the sight of a stray leaf. General craziness follows as they tear laps around the garden ducking and weaving plants, trees and veges. Today’s best was Charlie’s flying leap into the dense  knee-high pumpkin patch where he was immediately engulfed by a tangle of pumpkin vines. This little cat is getting braver!

A few weeks back a weak mewing noise was heard from the back garden. Mum investigated and found a tiny black and white kitten in the zucchini patch looking very lost and hungry. We weren’t able to keep her but the animal shelter found her a new home. They guessed she was only about 4 weeks old. After door knocking all the neighbours no-one claimed her so we can only guess she was dumped over our fence. That’s a big drop down to the vege patch! What a little toughie

United States of Charlie

I think I’ve finally sussed out my cat Charlie’s behaviour. Myf is so easy and uncomplicated. But Charlie, well he’s always been a bit scatty and neurotic but also super sooky. He seems to have multiple personalities and switches between them as he moves from room to room about the house. The room that really seems to irk him and where he can’t seem to relax is our lounge room. It’s too vast and unsettling except for wintertime when we have a crackling fire roaring and the three little guys go into comas, lying in front of it all day.

The hallway is no-man’s land where chasing games happen and there’s normally a shoe kicking about he sidles up to and sits with. He’s most relaxed in my room tucked up on the doona and in the bathroom where he’s got a fav floor rug he likes to sit on. I told you he was odd. I should have called him Tara.

As I’m not home for most of the week, the moment I arrive back is a circus of attention seeking antics. They have all started mimicking each other’s behaviour, knowing which gets the best reaction. Myf now does Charlie style silly rolls at your feet and careens about the house dragging string along while performing tricks. Charlie now launches himself at us, attempting to land on ones shoulder like Myf does with great ease. Charlie is over 5kgs and never quite makes the whole leap. Even Coco, our elderly cat has taken to this trick as well and is surprisingly agile. I was woken the other night around 3am to the sound of ripping paper. Charlie was ripping and tearing at the letters on my “Welcome Home Kate” sign my sister made me that I have stuck on the wall. Punishment for leaving them all week maybe? It seems I’m not so welcome :)


In game time this morning as Myf watched patiently from the sidelines waiting for her turn, Charlie in his most impressive jump of the morning nearly scaled the length of the room in one jump, catching his toy mid-air but unfortunately landing on the edge of the armchair, I think crunching his nuts. Poor cat. He hobbled off rather awkwardly to take stock and sit with his shoes and sulk.

The shoes. He has a shoe fetish this cat. He seems to take great comfort in them, they are like his security blanket. Sometimes he’s rubbing them, licking them, rolling over them or just sitting next to them chillin’. I think he would wear them if he could.

Fat Charlie & the Ark Angel

It’s been a little while since Myf and Charlie have made an appearance, well they are just as perfect as ever. I see them on skype regularly. Yes, I am one of those talking to my pets on the internet weirdos. They are now 3 and quite alarmingly large. Their latest games involve scaling the screen door and just hanging there, like Velcro cat. I’ve been told Charlie will hang there for ages. He watches the world (and the birds) go by. Myf, well she’s just pure sugar sweet little angel and still totally hyper, she especially liked chasing the cicadas in the summer. Coco, our families elderly Burmese is winding down a lot, mainly watching the 2 little ones race about from the comfort of her pillow by the open fire.  They’ve all got a pillow to lounge and loll on by the fire. Anyone say spoilt?

You are one damn weird cat

Ok, my cat Charlie is officially weird.  He likes to do strange things like sleep, roll, chew on used stinky towels and clothes, is completely obsessed with his mouse toy that he catches and fetches back..but that one is my fault cause I trained him to play fetch, yes, I take all the blame there. His new thing – scooping sunflower seeds out of the bag all by himself, then rolling and jumping in them. I guess if it feels right go with it :)

What’s new Myf and Charlie Brown?

It’s about time for a Myf and Charlie update. All reports from Aus say they are behaving themselves beautifully, only creating mischief and havoc occasionally. Their new favourite place to sleep is by the open fire, heater or in the window watching the birds.  Clever cats, I trained you well.

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