Who doesn’t love a free night (or 2 in my case), in a 4 star hotel? Just before work ended for the season the hotel I worked for gave us all a comp night. Thank you muchly work! 2 big bedrooms, fireplace, huge kitchen and a hot tub to soak in were ours to enjoy, a small step up from hostel life. The girls certainly didn’t complain as they came and crashed it but were under strict instructions not to sit in “my” chair, a divine leather armchair right by the window. I bribed them with food.


Waving goodbye

Trying to actually leave the mountain was like being part of a Monty Python skit. We watched with horror out the window as our taxi driver pulled up in a tiny car and then proceeded to bog himself in the snow and had the back wheels spinning like mice running in their wheel. The car was definitely not going to be big enough to hold our 2 board bags and many other backpacks and suitcases. How we managed to fit them all in I still do not know although I remember being very squished. The girls thought it was hilarious and cheered us on from the balcony in their pj’s as Sarah, the taxi driver and I tried to push the car out of the snow bank quite unsuccessfully until Chris donned shoes and came out to lend a hand. It was actually a perfect moment as it diffused the growing emotional wreck that I was about to become.

Driving down the mountain for the last time the snow slowly disperses and the landscape slowly re-gains that beautiful pale, bleached look, like an aged weatherboard cottage. Lush green paddocks begin to dot the view and open up suddenly into farmlands outside of Kamloops that make me want to stop the bus and get off here and straight back on a farm. Baby cows everywhere! A surprise snowstorm appears briefly and we push through as the ground is once again covered in a layer of snow. The ski’s then blacken and the fog rolls in, resting lightly on the mountains, and here comes the rain which settles in for the rest of the trip. The bus is warm and cozy making it perfect for gazing out the window, I especially love spotting Luckakuck Way and Popkum Road. As soon as it started, the rain abates and the green re-appears along with the sunshine. People have their washing airing outside. I even saw a fresh-baked pie cooling in someone’s window ledge, what a treat! For the past few months we’ve been using our window ledge as an esky (or “chilly bin” as the New Zealander’s call it), propping our beers in the window to chill. The 7hr bus trip is nearly at an end, Scarlett and Snuffy are safely stowed in their board bags until another season and I guess we’ve got no more use for the “sniffle station”.

The last supper

So it’s all over. The season is all done and (still) dusted with lots of snow. The Last Supper is on the table, one of many I’ve shared with my always changing adopted “family”. Spag bog is on the menu, everyone has cleaned out their food cupboards and bunged in a few ingredients to make a memorable meal and I’ve rustled up enough to put together a tasty Apple & Raspberry Crumble.

Outside the snow is still falling and has covered the ground, forming a giant creme brulee; a perfectly crunchy top with soft as could be snow hidden underneath.

To all the people who made this time amazing and you know who you are, I’m really gonna miss this place. Our room is bare, all the piccies are down, the man wall has been dismantled, the paper stars are down and Mr. Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” no longer torments me. Bags are packed and a new adventure awaits us all in the morning. So long snowlife, to quote Ninja, “It was ever so lovely.”

We are all made of stars

Only a few days of boarding left here before the season winds up for another year and I’m making the most of any free time to be out there trying new runs. Outside there’s a furious burst of flurries dancing in the breeze. The perfect snowflakes are sparkling in the light and are raining down like glitter, covering you in a million perfect stars. I love this place.


Just a quick hi cause I’m on a borrowed computer as mine died, but hopefully I can fix it……might cry though if I can’t. Work has been nuts and is set to get crazy again this weekend but apart from that the boarding and snow has been amazing. Went down my first black run which is the second hardest you can do here. Nearly changed my mind peeping over the edge but went for it anyway. It was aptly named “Chaos”….but, success, made it! Also had fun in the park on the Border Cross track. Good fun for the first few little jumps and rollers but came a little unstuck on the last one and had a spectacular tumble, so nursing a sore shoulder today. Under a month to go here now, yikes. Plenty more time to break something.

To the Den!

We’ve been couch hopping at the pubs, last night it was the Bulldog where Ruby Grapefruit and Pineapple were the flavours promised in my delightful glass of Pinot Blanc. A few appy’s to share,  Chilli dusted Yam fries with smokey Jalapeno and Honey Aioli to nibble on,followed by Caramalised Tomato and Goats Cheese dip with warm Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia soldiers. Yum, such fun. So fun I actually fell asleep on the couch in the pub, thanks Hayley for waking me up with ice-cubes to the face!

Being Monday it meant it was off to the Den for our much loved tradition of the Monday night staff dinner meal. Fireside spot and couches were waiting for us along with an awesome meal and my always reliable glass of Pinot Grigio. Then back home to our couch for dessert where the brownies are ready and still warm. Mmmm, gooey choccie goodness.  So welcome after today’s fun! I’m ready to head back out there again tomorrow. It’s calling.

Let it snow

What a week or two! I’m about to clock in 9 months travelling and the season here is on the downhill stretch, only about 6 weeks left. I’ll be certainly glad to ditch my hideous uniform. A shapeless maroon “schmock” evil in both shape and colour. I feel when I wear it all personality gets sucked out. The only bonus to being promoted to supervisor that I can think of so far is getting to wear a different coloured schmock in navy blue. Slight improvement.

 Last week a perfect bluebird day was the first thing I saw when I peeked out the window and it made for an amazing day boarding, the best I’ve had so far. This morning was a little different with the hills cloaked in a fog, all white and wonderful with sculptural snow ghost trees and a sheer wind whipping across. I am suddenly reminded of why I am here. Something that started as a challenge, can I live at the snow, has turned into something beautiful and evolved into a new love. Whiskey Jack, Sundance, Far Out and Big Dipper are all new runs to play on. Boarding is still amazing and new all the time and while launching myself down the mountain is still scary, winding my way down hugging it’s curves makes me all the more determined to do this.

Then there’s always night boarding which is truly magical and such a novelty. Friday night had a soft, transparent beautiful moon hidden at times behind the swelling, inky black clouds. A true Harry Potter moon. The hillside, village and runs were lit up with twinkly lights that reminded me of a trail of firebugs. Picture postcard perfect.

AND a sale on etsy. Yay!

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