And then there were three…

Our crew is now down to three. Soon to be two as it’s my last night here. We farewelled Alex the other night. See ya Alex, great to know you! We cooked up a big batch of pesto and pasta for Alex, I’ve never known someone who loves pesto so much. We also baked him a batch of biccies for the bus trip.

I think Jack is baking a Pumpkin Pie tonight. I’m prob not meant to know that so I’ll act surprised! So excited for pie! I’m gonna bunker down for the night with Favourite, who I’ve snuck in, some pie and a bottle of wine. Thanks for everything fellas! Thanks for the pancakes! Bye farm! Bye kittens!  – Favourite, Singer, Two Socks, Luna, Puppet, and Puppet with a mole (Cindy Crawford/CC). And hello snow.


Cowgirl Kate

Sat arvo was horse riding time. I’ve been hanging out for this for months as it’s many years since I’ve been. It’s so much harder than I remembered, but an awesome feeling. Maybe my horse and I didn’t really like each other. Well I liked her anyway. I held on tight for her first 10 bucking attempts but on the 11th she dropped her head suddenly and kicked up which had me flying off in a spectacular fashion, sailing through the air ending in a kinda commando roll on my hip and a face full of dirt. Awesome. But no broken bones. I guess she’s not nicknamed “The Bitch” for the wrong reason! So, after she calmed down a bit I got back on and now I am according to Lauren, a true cowgirl. Just a very bruised one.

Basil! Basil!

Laura and I have just finished a mammoth week of basil picking and pesto making. 35 bags of pesto are now securely tucked away in the freezer. I could make pesto with my eyes closed. We are – Team Pesto. Next up cleaning, sorting, weighing, labelling and bagging dried cherries for the markets. Only another 40 10kg bags to go, then apricots, apples, pears and tomatoes await us.

I went out walking

My walking buddy is Brutus. He’s great, he helps keeps the pace and more importantly the coyotes away. Our usual path goes through the forest and I know they are out there cause I can hear them and their spine chilling howls. Unsurprisingly the forest is full of critters. There are tons of squirrels, wild turkey’s and the deer count is now at 4. Hunters you say? Many. Weekends now start with volleys of gun shots at about 6am.  Note to self – avoid the bullets! Avoid the bullets!

Raspberry pickin’

The raspberries have gone berserk again and we’ve got a second crop happening. Yay! Eat them fresh straight off the plant…like I do when I’m picking….maybe with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream, or turn them into sorbet.

End result, hands stained red from raspberry pickin’= happy.

Monday, Martine, Markets and Mowing

It’s been an interesting day. Firstly it’s Monday, and who likes Mondays?  I like them more than I used to since I don’t really have a job anymore, but still, I am loyal to my Monday hating. Martine the kitten scratched me in the face, just missing my eyes…I now have 6 very big impressive scratches down my face, thanks for that Martine! She’s not exactly what I’d call tame. I mowed for hours in the blueberry fields and avoided mowing down 5 frogs, they hide in the long grass!…but decapitated one right at the end. It was really quite disgusting and I feel pretty bad, sorry froggy!

 On the plus side we had a stall at an Organic Market this weekend just gone and once again it was a roaring success. We cooked up a storm in the biscuit department. I baked 300 Bisous a la melasse (molasses kisses), 150 epeautre avec canneberge et chocolat and of course bombe au chocolat et framboise, 3 trays of those. All sold. And it’s nearly Tuesday and that means a day trip to Montreal!

A Mouse!

It’s 4:45am, you’re asleep…but you feel something on your face. This doesn’t feel right. You wake up immediately because you realise it was a mouse. The mouse you’ve heard for the last few nights scampering about but haven’t been able to catch. The feeling is so bloody revolting. War is declared and revenge is sweet. Sorry mouse, I won.

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