Print week #7

I was pretty inspired after visiting the Finders Keepers Markets on the weekend at the stunning CarriageWorks, a very cool market for handmade stylin’ goods and artwork. Even in the torrential rain that we had to trek through it was a total treat to visit this bi-annual market and despite the huge waiting list I’m feeling encouraged enough to apply for a stall at their upcoming market in Dec…

I couldn’t wait to get back in the print room yesterday to continue with my latest assignment loosely based on elements of Picasso’s artworks and texture. Fun and messy times. Only 2 more weeks of printing left this term…but I’m taking my screens home in the holidays for a bit of backyard printing :)


The Birds & the Trees

I had just enough time to whip up these 2 cushions in between study yesterday. It was a great distraction! I’ve made them from my limited edition original design “The Birds & the Trees”, hand screenprinted with love! They’re backed with vibrant colourful fabrics. It feels pretty darn good to see a design right through to the end and become a lustworthy cushion. I feel it’s the start of years of cushion making…

Shop local

The Highlands Handmade Autumn Fair was a month ago! How is that possible?! Time seems to be dashing past, it’s blink and you miss it. It was a fun day as always, the hall beautifully decorated and organised. Quieter on numbers but still a great day. Thanks Naomi and Nicky! See you in July for the next one!

Almost Picasso

We took a class trip to the Picasso Exhibition at the Sydney Art Gallery two weeks back. The idea was to gather ideas and colours for our new brief. I love an excursion! And the last time I went to the Art Gallery on an excursion I bumped into David Wenham, aka Diver Dan from SeaChange. That just about made my next few years :)

There to also see the exhibition were noisy packs of knee high kindy kids who moved like a pack of Meerkats not hesitating to touch the sculptures and paintings. Imagine that! As I furiously sketched away I noticed a little girl at my side watching me draw. She disappeared only to re-appear with a few buddies. She gathered them around saying “Guys! Guys! Look what she’s doing! She’s drawing!” “Ooooohhhh, aaaaaaaahhhh”, they chorused. And then, “She’s good!”

Autumn Fair

This coming Sunday (25th march) is the Highlands Handmade Design Collective Autumn Fair. Stella & Bea will be running a stall with our new wares and it’s our first event for the year! It was a great day out at the last fair back in November with lots of inspiring stalls to browse and scones to munch on.

10am – 4pm, St Thomas Aquinas Hall, Victoria St, Bowral. I hear the famous scones will be on offer again. See you there!

Hot off the press

I screenprinted my first ever bit of fabric in class last week using a design of mine I’d been saving for such a long time. The image is from a photo I took on one of the many drives back to Wagga. At the halfway point of the drive, the Yass Junction maccas, I noticed a flock of birds swoop past and land in a gnarled outstretched tree. Suddenly this bare tree was alive with birds and I snapped a quick piccie from out of the car window. The design is called “The Birds & the Trees”. Right place, right time.

“Between the Sickle & the Stars” design is for my recent assignment brief, the theme being Harry Potter. It’s a crazy riot of motifs and textures. I’ve printed 1.5 metres so far and I’ll print another 6 metres on Tuesday! Holy moly, it was the best and most satisfying feeling seeing the images transfer and transform the fabric into something new. I love printing!

Product placement

Last weeks Pop-Up shop started off sunny and bright with a stream of friends visiting, including little Noah, looking fab as ever, especially in his bloomers! It finished up with a torrential storm that had hail bouncing in through the shop door! Pop-Up shop next open Sun 11th March. See you then, rain or shine!

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