There’s wisdom in them thar biscuits

A few fortune cookie quotes and predictions plus lotto numbers from my party. Some of them came true :)

  • You should not confuse your career with your life
  • You have a deep interest in all that is artistic
  • All change is not growth; as all movement is not forward
  • You will be lucky in love tonight
  • You will be advanced socially without any special effort on your part

And my fav…

  • Have a mouth as sharp as a dagger but a heart as soft as tofu



Back of the Pack

IMG_0514citytosurf7 citytosurf10 citytosurf13 citytosurf14 citytosurf15IMG_0894 citytosurf1 citytosurf4 Zoe and I reluctantly dragged our party weary bodies into the icy morning the day after my party and joined the other 90,000 people for the annual City 2 Surf fun run. Fun Run…how did those two words end up next to each other? Clare’s strange enthusiasm at this early cold hour was infectious as was the crowd who were generous, encouraging and good-natured. It really felt like a rite of passage participating and great to mark the run off my list.

We got smurfed down at Rose Bay by the mob of smurfs giving hugs then spent the rest of the run dodging water bottles, potholes and other runners. It was such a great experience to share with Zoe and Clare and fuelled by cheers from the crowd whose energy carried you, especially up Heartbreak Hill, I realised this was fun. Fun Run does go together! 14km’s later, running towards the finish line on the Bondi promenade felt darn good and I even got a medal at the end. Beer and yum cha awaited.

Catch ups

I found some old posts I never hit publish on see here’s a bunch in one go. Since I wrote them it’s been a bumper filled few months full of new babies, weddings, crazy assignments, broken bones (Nice one Mum!), road trips and more assignments. I’ve eaten dinner by banana light when there was a blackout, ditched class for some more amazing foodie work experience and laughed till I cried at Bill Bailey’s comedy gig. Dead set comedy genius that man.

IMG_1149 IMG_1154 IMG_1152 IMG_1159110420121128

three oh, uh oh

There’s a sly Cheshire Cat moon out tonight, grinning down from high up. It’s grinning cause it knows I’m on holidays. 2 well needed weeks to recover slightly from the craziness of the last few months.

The big birthday full of bravado and nerves already feels like a lifetime ago and a tiny blip. What a crazy loud night fuelled by Chandon! What a feast! I do love planning a party and making all my lists for the food, it’s almost my fav part. There was cheese galore, smoked salmon, antipasto platter, brownies, birthday cake (thank you Clare), fortune cookies and an ice-cream bar. All very decadent . And I got to wear my sparkly party dress.

30, no biggie. As my friend puts it, “You’re not really in your 30’s yet until you’re 31.” Agreed.

Birthday season

Birthday season is well and truly here! I’ve joined lots of lovely friends and family (Emma, Jeannine, Mum, Zoe, Noah and Wade), celebrating their birthdays over the last few weeks and it’s set to continue well into August, who then passes the baton to September and it becomes wedding season. August also means the semi deadline of my big 30 list is cresting over the top of the hill and finally in sight as is the City to Surf, it’s only a few days away, here’s hoping that finish line is easy on me!

I’m nervously and sentimentally crossing the last few days of my twenties from my calender. I’m not sure I’m ready to change age boxes but there’s not much I can do to stop it happening. So I’m gonna have a party and embrace 30. The best part of a party for me is the planning and boy do I love a list, my food prep list is so organised! There’s gonna be plenty of food, drinks and dancing. It’s gonna be late and it’s gonna be loud :)

Hey pesto!

And just like that the cupboard is re-stocked with staples and stand by instant dinners. I spent the last week of my holiday being domestic and now the pantry has an awesome looking jar of homemade brilliant green pesto just waiting to be stirred into pasta, and a bottle and a half of sweet chilli sauce that packs a killer punch. The biccie jar is also re-filled with jam-drop biccies. Quick and easy to make and even easier to eat. So that means #2 on my list of making my own pestos/preserves/sauces has a big tick next to it :)

June report

Well there goes June and I’m a little closer to my list deadline. I’m starting to slowly achieve goals on my list. I can add ticks next to…

  • Making handmade gifts – look out Jeans there’s a pressie coming your way!
  • Books, I finally finished “The Lacuna”, bit of a struggle at the start which I hate to admit about this author cause I don’t think Barbara Kingsolver can do no wrong, happily this book began to shine about 1/4 way in. I stayed up late many nights powering through the pages. Also just finished “American Rust” by Philipp Meyer, I’m on a roll with American authors right now
  • I just spent an incredible few days on a foodie photo shoot and came away with a bunch of contacts and a brain buzzing with ideas
  • The cookbooks are coming off the shelf at last, I’ve earmarked a few recipes to try out this week for some dinner parties. I’m starting the week with a roast pumpkin and coconut soup. It’ll be the most expensive soup I’ve ever made after buying the ingredients at my local farmer’s market, Orangegrove. 18 bucks later for half a pumpkin and some leeks it better taste amazing!
  • 83276, that’s my number for City to Surf. There’s no going back now…

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