The Tomato Thief

I wanted to bring a little country gardening to my city house by growing our own veges as we have a sun-trap wall perfect for tomatoes. The tubs overflowing with basil, parsley and mint are waiting for fresh tomatoes! I bought some seedlings from our local Farmer’s Market at Orange Grove that looked promising. They flourished  and grew gangly limbed until just recently. After an attack of caterpillars that I fought off, their leaves have now started to die and the stems dry out. They get plenty of water and fertiliser so they are well looked after but I’ve got no clue how to revive them.

I’ve rescued 6 off the vine and brought them in to ripen on the windowsill. It’s all I’ve been able to save as any effort I make is thwarted by an unknown lover of tomatoes, as they disappear overnight, snatched in the dark. Possum perhaps? I’ve even been counting them at night, and the next morning, gone. The dogs aren’t the culprit as they spit out any tomato I try and feed them. I think it’s a bird with good taste in tomatoes.Neil Young 001 Neil Young 002


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  1. Dave Letch
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 12:04:16

    Ah yes, those tricky possums. You’re the equivalent of a supermarket!
    And…tomatoes ripen in the dark. So in a brown paper bag in a well aired
    cupboard is the go.
    Keep on posting.



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