Rock & Roll will never Die

Back in Jan I was privileged to see Alabama Shakes’ debut Australia show at the Metro in Sydney. An amazing band with incredible energy, it was like Janis Joplin was in the room when Brittany sang. We were jammed in right at the front of the energetic, dance-off  crowd, what a killer show!

I was spoilt this weekend with tickets to Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. The crowd was putty in Nick’s hands as he strutted the stage, completely in control. A whole bunch of new tunes then familiar fav’s, I’ve been waiting years to hear him perform Into My Arms.

That was Sat, Sun night it was all about Neil Young. A poetic, political and brilliant musician I’ve grown up listening to. Thanks to my folks! He played  a sold out show with incredible fury and sound, my hearing didn’t come back properly until Mon night! It wasn’t a night of acoustic classics so I had no chance of hearing my fav Neil song ever, Harvest Moon as electric guitars were the flavour of the night. His talent and range was astonishing, the man went from the amazing deep depths of  Hey Hey My My; to entertaining 13,000 fans with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica knocking out Heart of Gold. Rock & Roll will never Die. Neil Young you can do no wrong!

Tomorrow night is Montreal band Moriarty at the Beresford and then Paul Simon next month! Yeow!Neil Young 007 Neil Young 008 Neil Young 012 Neil Young 016 Neil Young 017 Neil Young 020

The Tomato Thief

I wanted to bring a little country gardening to my city house by growing our own veges as we have a sun-trap wall perfect for tomatoes. The tubs overflowing with basil, parsley and mint are waiting for fresh tomatoes! I bought some seedlings from our local Farmer’s Market at Orange Grove that looked promising. They flourished  and grew gangly limbed until just recently. After an attack of caterpillars that I fought off, their leaves have now started to die and the stems dry out. They get plenty of water and fertiliser so they are well looked after but I’ve got no clue how to revive them.

I’ve rescued 6 off the vine and brought them in to ripen on the windowsill. It’s all I’ve been able to save as any effort I make is thwarted by an unknown lover of tomatoes, as they disappear overnight, snatched in the dark. Possum perhaps? I’ve even been counting them at night, and the next morning, gone. The dogs aren’t the culprit as they spit out any tomato I try and feed them. I think it’s a bird with good taste in tomatoes.Neil Young 001 Neil Young 002

Midnight Rain

Paul Kelly. No words for this amazing man. “Midnight Rain” & “How to make Gravy”


Or Harry Manx.  Apologies for the dodgy video…”Good Time Charlie”


For a sense of Aus pride “The Ship Song Project”