Birthday season

Birthday season is well and truly here! I’ve joined lots of lovely friends and family (Emma, Jeannine, Mum, Zoe, Noah and Wade), celebrating their birthdays over the last few weeks and it’s set to continue well into August, who then passes the baton to September and it becomes wedding season. August also means the semi deadline of my big 30 list is cresting over the top of the hill and finally in sight as is the City to Surf, it’s only a few days away, here’s hoping that finish line is easy on me!

I’m nervously and sentimentally crossing the last few days of my twenties from my calender. I’m not sure I’m ready to change age boxes but there’s not much I can do to stop it happening. So I’m gonna have a party and embrace 30. The best part of a party for me is the planning and boy do I love a list, my food prep list is so organised! There’s gonna be plenty of food, drinks and dancing. It’s gonna be late and it’s gonna be loud :)