Hey pesto!

And just like that the cupboard is re-stocked with staples and stand by instant dinners. I spent the last week of my holiday being domestic and now the pantry has an awesome looking jar of homemade brilliant green pesto just waiting to be stirred into pasta, and a bottle and a half of sweet chilli sauce that packs a killer punch. The biccie jar is also re-filled with jam-drop biccies. Quick and easy to make and even easier to eat. So that means #2 on my list of making my own pestos/preserves/sauces has a big tick next to it :)


Gumtree has it all

My new house (yay for Gumtree website for finding me this place) is on a grand old dame of a street, some of the houses have been renovated and dolled up whereas ours is more weathered and definitely looks lived in. The picket fence out the front is on a wobbly lean, propped up and supported by the honeysuckle hedge that grows rampant over it, its trailing escaping vines reach and snatch at you when you walk past.

There’s a makeshift potted herb garden on the nature strip constructed with the help of Crazy Pete our neighbour across the road. He knows all the comings and goings of our street and I suspect he’s a curtain twitcher. The herb garden is planted underneath the huge gum tree that towers above our house. In storms and all bad weather it creaks and shivers and I wonder how long it is before a branch or two comes plummeting. My neighbourhood is pretty cool and I love having the Rozelle Markets just round the corner as well as Callan Park and the Bay Run on my doorstep. It suits me fine for now but I know I’m not really a city girl and still dream about my country cottage. Most mornings I wake up to birdsong from the family of birds that live in the tree and it always makes me forget I’m living in the city.

City living

It’s been another hectic, manic month dominated by back to back assignments. Last week I had 9 due and that was the second round of them but at least my efforts are paying off cause I got some pretty top marks for a few assignments and came first overall in my drawing class. That one was a complete surprise and encouraging right when I needed it. Now I’ve got 3 blissful weeks off all for me.

After commuting into the city since Feb for classes and having various friends let me crash in their spare rooms and couches (I owe you all many dinners!) I finally made the move and have my own place. I found a chilled and homey sharehouse in a leafy wide old street in the back of Rozelle but it could almost be a street in Wagga. My flatties are awesome and I’ve replaced Myf and Charles with 2 dogs. The job thing worked out too, I scored myself a job at the cool bookshop in Balmain. They offered me the assistant manager’s position..errr thanks but no thanks, I don’t have enough free hours, I’ll just stick with part-time. My old Wagga bookshop job actually paid off, looks like I got more out of living there than I thought.

June report

Well there goes June and I’m a little closer to my list deadline. I’m starting to slowly achieve goals on my list. I can add ticks next to…

  • Making handmade gifts – look out Jeans there’s a pressie coming your way!
  • Books, I finally finished “The Lacuna”, bit of a struggle at the start which I hate to admit about this author cause I don’t think Barbara Kingsolver can do no wrong, happily this book began to shine about 1/4 way in. I stayed up late many nights powering through the pages. Also just finished “American Rust” by Philipp Meyer, I’m on a roll with American authors right now
  • I just spent an incredible few days on a foodie photo shoot and came away with a bunch of contacts and a brain buzzing with ideas
  • The cookbooks are coming off the shelf at last, I’ve earmarked a few recipes to try out this week for some dinner parties. I’m starting the week with a roast pumpkin and coconut soup. It’ll be the most expensive soup I’ve ever made after buying the ingredients at my local farmer’s market, Orangegrove. 18 bucks later for half a pumpkin and some leeks it better taste amazing!
  • 83276, that’s my number for City to Surf. There’s no going back now…