Print week #7

I was pretty inspired after visiting the Finders Keepers Markets on the weekend at the stunning CarriageWorks, a very cool market for handmade stylin’ goods and artwork. Even in the torrential rain that we had to trek through it was a total treat to visit this bi-annual market and despite the huge waiting list I’m feeling encouraged enough to apply for a stall at their upcoming market in Dec…

I couldn’t wait to get back in the print room yesterday to continue with my latest assignment loosely based on elements of Picasso’s artworks and texture. Fun and messy times. Only 2 more weeks of printing left this term…but I’m taking my screens home in the holidays for a bit of backyard printing :)



Ah Friday. I’m so glad it’s here. It’s been a great Fri so far, and it’s only gonna get better cause my sister pulled a sneaky on me and bought us Lanie Lane tickets for her gig tonight. I think we’ll need some treats first, the wine is chilling, I’m about to start cooking a baked risotto with roast vege, leeks and feta and I picked up some Adriano Zumbo sweets for later. There is a delicious looking Passionfruit Tart and a few Salted Butter Caramel Zumbarons. I may have accidentally taste tested already…

And a big Happy Birthday to Oliver! 2 today! We’ll enjoy these sweets on his behalf :)