And boy did she have them. What a voice! She holds the microphone about 50cm’s away her voice is so strong! A stunning performance by Florence and her band. There was plenty of reference in her show and music to rituals, religion and ceremonies, a theme obviously important to her. I think I’m a little in love and a lot in awe. So many perfect moments – all the songs (and she played my favs!), her costume, the styling, her dancing and energy and it was surprisingly a tough crowd to work. I feel most Sydney people are so worried about being judged in public they forget to enjoy themselves. We weren’t worried about being judged and danced the whole night.

Emily the little 6 year old raced past the security guards and suddenly appeared on stage with Florence after winning the dance off competition. She happily waved and said a “Hello” to the audience on the microphone with a big grin. Special mention also to shirtless guy near us in the crowd who whipped off his shirt in an attempt for Florence’s attention, he certainly got our attention and the other 12,000 people there.

Afterwards it was a dash through the rain to backpacker cheapo pub Scruffy Murphy’s for catch up drinks with old friends and bad dancing to a dodgy sounding band. What a night!



Dog Days are Over

Florence + the Machine have been at the top of my live music wish list for way too long, but not for much longer…cause she’s playing tonight in Sydney! I bought my ticket back in Oct. Please please please Florence play Hurricane Drunk, Rabbit Heart, Dog Days, No Light No Light, Shake it Out, You’ve Got the Love…well just play anything and I will love it! Yippeee!

It’s live music year cause next week I’ve got Lanie Lane then in June Harry Manx (10th time I’ve seen him) Ash Grunwald, The Audreys, the Smashing Pumpkins (fingers crossed..) and the Black Keys in Oct. Oh yeah.

Big Jet Plane

2 years ago the adventure began and I was boarding that big jet plane, San Francisco bound. Holy moly what an epic journey it all was.

Myf and the Paper Bag



I don’t often let Myf and Charles into my sewing room/shop. Supervised they’re well-behaved, they’ll often curl up at my feet and sleep or sit on my lap while I paint or sew. But left unsupervised…well there’s so much to tempt small inquisitive cats. String to chase and drag about, ribbons to unravel, newspaper to pounce on, little cloth birdies to bop and soft toys to chew and destroy.

I should have known something was amiss when I walked into my sewing room this morning. Signs of an intruder evident. A ball of white wool was mysteriously at the bottom of the stairs, scraps of cloth were scattered about and fabric piles knocked over. And in the corner looking rather forlorn, hiding under the table in the dark was a little brown cat. She was sitting next to a brown paper bag, it’s fabric scrap contents splayed about. On closer inspection she was actually stuck in the bag, her body jammed through the narrow paper handle. Not sure how she managed to get stuck in it! First I laughed and got my camera and took a few piccies, then felt bad cause it was a tight squeeze. I had to cut it off her! She had pressure marks in a perfect circle around her middle, indenting the fur like when you leave an elastic on your wrist for too long. She won’t do that again in a hurry.

Term 2

My work load at school has increased again, if that’s possible! It takes up all my spare time, I am the nerdy study person that second time around is taking it a little more seriously and I’m much more competitive than I thought I was. It’s a Leo thing. My class has been on a number of excursions over the past few weeks and we can often be seen lugging drawing equipment around campus as we sketch buildings and the like. A few weeks back it was the Natural History Museum where we spent 3 hours drawing skeletons, rocks and minerals and insects and last week we went to a research library in the city then to the Royal Botanic Gardens to sketch native plants. I hadn’t been to the gardens since a friend’s wedding there back in 2008.

Last weekend I spent 9 hours painting my Tribal/Cultural assignment which I based on Havana, Cuba called “On Havana Time” and this week I started printing my new texture assignment on lots of lovely linens and cottons based on my theme “Living Shape”. But best of all the fabric fairy has been! 4 boxes crammed with fabrics arrived in the post from Denise up in Qld. What a surprise! Thanks Denise, you’re a gem!


Whoa, hang on, how did this not register on my radar two weekends back? National Garage Sale Day??? I think that would have to be my fav day of the year! Pure bliss. That’s as good as council chuck out days!

Round Up

I thought I would do a little round up on the progress of “the list”…

  • Could I squeeze in a Melbourne visit via the Great Ocean Road in August? Here’s hoping, but only if I get to drive this car…even if I hire it and pretend it’s mine for the weekend… 
  • I cracked the lid on my last lot of apricot jam this morning so I’m down to 1 jar, better get cooking! 
  • Haven’t got to pastry making or soufflés yet, might have a go in a few weeks.
  • Ditto guitar playing. My guitar is still covered in dust, but I did get some new guitar tabs for inspiration.
  • City to Surf looks like it could happen, I’ve just started getting back into jogging now my leg is feeling better, which took way longer than I thought to heal. Who’s gonna do this fun run with me? 
  • I’m aiming for some Christmasy markets, lordy know there won’t be time before then!
  • My cookbooks have been seriously neglected as most nights I just eat dip and crackers. I’ve barely cooked a thing for weeks apart from the odd cake or batch of brownies. Last weekend’s brownies were the worst ever cause I overcooked them by 10 mins and burnt the edges, but still edible.
  • Softies for Mirabel is later in the year nearer Christmas
  • I haven’t read anything apart from study notes and Frankie magazines. I’m 40 pages into my latest book “The Lacuna” by Barbara Kingsolver and so far it’s great but I haven’t read a page since Feb.
  • I’m still baffled by zips, I need a lesson, volunteers welcome! 
  • Birthday season is around the corner, bring on the handmade. 
  • And apart from a few isolated moments that I’ll own up to, I have been on time for everything so far, unless my family dob me in for more :) 
  • Being assertive, I have to be every week in printing class just to get table space. It’s quite fun really. 
  • Hopefully my foody work experience will happen in June, sssh! Watch this space!


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