Almost Picasso

We took a class trip to the Picasso Exhibition at the Sydney Art Gallery two weeks back. The idea was to gather ideas and colours for our new brief. I love an excursion! And the last time I went to the Art Gallery on an excursion I bumped into David Wenham, aka Diver Dan from SeaChange. That just about made my next few years :)

There to also see the exhibition were noisy packs of knee high kindy kids who moved like a pack of Meerkats not hesitating to touch the sculptures and paintings. Imagine that! As I furiously sketched away I noticed a little girl at my side watching me draw. She disappeared only to re-appear with a few buddies. She gathered them around saying “Guys! Guys! Look what she’s doing! She’s drawing!” “Ooooohhhh, aaaaaaaahhhh”, they chorused. And then, “She’s good!”


United States of Charlie

I think I’ve finally sussed out my cat Charlie’s behaviour. Myf is so easy and uncomplicated. But Charlie, well he’s always been a bit scatty and neurotic but also super sooky. He seems to have multiple personalities and switches between them as he moves from room to room about the house. The room that really seems to irk him and where he can’t seem to relax is our lounge room. It’s too vast and unsettling except for wintertime when we have a crackling fire roaring and the three little guys go into comas, lying in front of it all day.

The hallway is no-man’s land where chasing games happen and there’s normally a shoe kicking about he sidles up to and sits with. He’s most relaxed in my room tucked up on the doona and in the bathroom where he’s got a fav floor rug he likes to sit on. I told you he was odd. I should have called him Tara.

As I’m not home for most of the week, the moment I arrive back is a circus of attention seeking antics. They have all started mimicking each other’s behaviour, knowing which gets the best reaction. Myf now does Charlie style silly rolls at your feet and careens about the house dragging string along while performing tricks. Charlie now launches himself at us, attempting to land on ones shoulder like Myf does with great ease. Charlie is over 5kgs and never quite makes the whole leap. Even Coco, our elderly cat has taken to this trick as well and is surprisingly agile. I was woken the other night around 3am to the sound of ripping paper. Charlie was ripping and tearing at the letters on my “Welcome Home Kate” sign my sister made me that I have stuck on the wall. Punishment for leaving them all week maybe? It seems I’m not so welcome :)

Autumn Fair

This coming Sunday (25th march) is the Highlands Handmade Design Collective Autumn Fair. Stella & Bea will be running a stall with our new wares and it’s our first event for the year! It was a great day out at the last fair back in November with lots of inspiring stalls to browse and scones to munch on.

10am – 4pm, St Thomas Aquinas Hall, Victoria St, Bowral. I hear the famous scones will be on offer again. See you there!

Hot off the press

I screenprinted my first ever bit of fabric in class last week using a design of mine I’d been saving for such a long time. The image is from a photo I took on one of the many drives back to Wagga. At the halfway point of the drive, the Yass Junction maccas, I noticed a flock of birds swoop past and land in a gnarled outstretched tree. Suddenly this bare tree was alive with birds and I snapped a quick piccie from out of the car window. The design is called “The Birds & the Trees”. Right place, right time.

“Between the Sickle & the Stars” design is for my recent assignment brief, the theme being Harry Potter. It’s a crazy riot of motifs and textures. I’ve printed 1.5 metres so far and I’ll print another 6 metres on Tuesday! Holy moly, it was the best and most satisfying feeling seeing the images transfer and transform the fabric into something new. I love printing!


The big birthday, 3-0 is looming this year and I’m thinking of jumping on this bandwagon of the 30 before 30 bucket list. To do it or not? Is it really clichéd cause everyone is doing one? I’m still gonna do it cause I like the idea and have been thinking about this list for a while now. But something about only choosing 30 things I haven’t done yet doesn’t quite sit right with me. What about all the things I have experienced or achieved by now and am proud of? I feel they need a little nod of acknowledgement as well. So I’ve made up a combo list of 15 things to have a crack at and 15 things already cracked.

I will look at them as the getting of wisdom and life skills. They’re meant to be fun, push the boundaries and challenge; all whilst learning something new or just having a go. I may have only started some while others may be finished by August, my birthday deadline. I love making (and ticking off!) lists. I’ve got lists on scrap paper floating all about the house. I do love a good list so here it is…

The to do’s

  1. Drive the great ocean road to Melbourne, stopping at the towns that SeaChange was filmed in
  2. Make my own jams, seasonal preserves, ricotta and pestos
  3. Learn to make knock-your-socks-off shortcrust pastry
  4. Learn 3 songs on my guitar
  5. Run/walk the City to Surf…It’s 14km’s…I suspect there’ll be both. It coincides with my 30th b’day weekend. Errr, pass me my trainers…
  6. Get my crafty works into some uber hip city Markets and have a stylin’ stall.
  7. Cook 1 savoury & 1 sweet dish per week from my cookbook collection
  8. Make 5 items for the annual Softies for Mirabel charity toy drive in Melbourne. They do great work!
  9. Not re-read any books, instead tackle the unread collecting on my bookshelves
  10. Learn to sew a zip. Aunty Jenny gave me a run down on the basics. Now I’m on my own.
  11. Give hand made pressies this year
  12. Be on time. Always. And stop making other people late
  13. Cook a soufflé. Choc, passionfruit, any flavour goes…
  14. Be assertive
  15. Get stylist work experience on cooking magazine/cookbook/interiors magazine

The have done’s

  1. Started my own business, twice, they’re still chugging along nicely, this year I will get serious about them
  2.  Travel. I’ve travelled extensively over the years through North America, Europe & New Zealand. And there’s still a whole world to see
  3. Fell in love – it was truly amazing
  4. Learnt to cook the basics plus some pretty awesome dishes, but there’s still stacks to learn
  5. Learnt to sew. It’s great fun being crafty
  6. Enrolled in a course to learn to screenprint, 4 weeks in it’s demanding but inspiring
  7. Chose 2 cats, Myf and Charles joined me in 2008. They are the perfect little cats
  8. Travelled with my sister in Paris and the UK. Happy days
  9. Got my nose pierced, my parting reminder of Canada
  10. Worked on farms through Canada – looked after animals, drove tractors, picked fruit and helped out at Farmer’s Markets
  11. Learnt to snowboard, I don’t like going fast, whether on a bike, motorbike or snowboard. I was terrifed as the whole point is to go fast, but it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done
  12. Studied at Uni, came out with a BA degree
  13. Took up running. This was a surprise to me too. I’ve been quoted before – “We’re gonna miss the bus!” Reply – “Too bad, cause I don’t run”.
  14. Learnt French – enough to get me around Canada and France with not too many lost in translation moments
  15. Held a lion cub 3 years in a row. Mogo Zoo on the South Coast NSW rocks

So there’s the List. It’s an ecclectic mix. It’s time to get on track, I’ve got 5 months left till the main deadline. For the 3rd year in a row it’s been a tough and challenging start to the year in all areas. I figure it can’t possibly get any worse. So here’s to good times in 2012!