Birthday kids

String chasing Myf and shoe hugging Charlie are 4 today! In a question posed many times before, “Where has the time gone?” With Myf and Charles it has zoomed by.  The first picccie I saw of them won me over then after a week’s deliberation the call was made. A month or so later I travelled up to collect them. They both mewed continuously at high pitch on the 4hr drive back to Wagga.

They are the most delightful cats, instinctive and quirky. They have shredded full rolls of toilet paper; both fallen into the toilet on separate occasions and had to be rescued; escaped the house and gotten lost; eaten and ripped up my craft projects; chewed their way into a packet of dry kittie biccies and eaten most of them and entertained every dinner guest  over the last few years with their antics and tricks. They are 2 well-loved little cats.


Back to School

Woo, that’s right! It’s that time of year and I am a newly enrolled student in the Fabric Design & Printing course at Ultimo Tafe in the city. I’m gonna be a screenprinter by the end of it! The vibe of the campus and the people is reassuring and welcoming which is great cause I’m feeling majorly overwhelmed by the amount of work thrown at us. My brain hasn’t worked like this in years, a challenge it certainly will be. I’m back into my old habit of spreading my homework all over the dining table and abandoning it but not before Charlie tried to help and trod in the orange paint while I was working on my colour wheel assignment, leaving a trail of little orange paw prints on the table before I could catch him.

My fav class so far is printing where we have been issued with and prepped our 2 screens, followed closely by drawing and then design, which is pretty much cut and paste class. The computer class scares me but I am really keen to learn those skills and boy do I need them. I’m really excited that I’ll be learning the whole process of screenprinting, it’s something I’ve been talking about for a while now and I just wanna get stuck in.

Back to study again, who would have thought? I’m glad though, it feels right to be there.


Product placement

Last weeks Pop-Up shop started off sunny and bright with a stream of friends visiting, including little Noah, looking fab as ever, especially in his bloomers! It finished up with a torrential storm that had hail bouncing in through the shop door! Pop-Up shop next open Sun 11th March. See you then, rain or shine!

Hidden treasure

Peppergreen in Berrima, NSW, has long been my go to place for perfect, original and personalised gifts and a few treats for me on the side. It ceased trading on Tues much to the sadness of locals and visitors alike. I’ve been scouring it regularly over the last month bringing home vintage kitchenalia, old advertising materials and letterpress blocks. I took one last trek out there as they had a mother of all sales going on. There was a particular piece of vintage Sanderson fabric I’d been eyeing off for a while (Aunty Jenny, it was that gorgeous pink fabric I showed you!) Every time I visit I pull it out, look at it, sigh, then hide the coveted piece hoping no-one else loves it as much as I do. On Monday I got lucky, the lovely lady sold it to me at a very reduced price after I told her I hide it around the shop. I also scored a bolt of another Sanderson fabric, a lovely floral print on an olivey green background. These fabrics will be going in my “too good to cut up just yet” stash. I also unearthed some French delicate yellow trim that is destined for cushions and beautiful vintage cards that I’ll re-purpose into new greeting cards with my trademark stitching detail.

I’ve spent countless hours browsing in Peppergreen over the years, sharing it only with my fav people. It feels like the end of an era.

Open weekend

It’s on again, Stella & Bea’s pop-up shop is open all weekend! Come in and browse and hibernate from the rain. I might even put the kettle on if you visit :)