Great kitchen disasters

Epic kitchen fail. Most of the just-fresh-out-of-the-oven-smelling-amazing-cake landed on the floor like someone had grabbed squishy handfuls of it and hurled it at the floor in rage. About half the cake was salvageable. The rest I scraped up off the floor. Still in fairly salvageable condition.

I’d been carrying around this recipe since it was handed to me by a promo dude back in May on a visit to Borough Markets in London. It was due a test and as Nigel Slater promises a “Taste of Summer” with his Raspberry & Apricot Cake I thought I’d try to inspire the weather to turn warm again. And I needed a cracking recipe for tonight’s dinner party. It was all going too well. I was too well prepared and organised, making the batter hours in advance and chilling it in the fridge till the roast lamb was out of the oven. That was my first mistake, not letting it come back to room temp as I had to spoon the batter back together. Second mistake was having that extra glass of wine just before attempting to turn the cake onto a cooling rack and having it go splat.

Tasted great though! I still served it. Guess which part I served?


Last minute

It started as a lazy rainy day Sunday then began to clear around 9:30am, inspiring me to run a Pop-Up Shop today. Coco our streetwise cat was the centre of attention in her possie by the heater, Myf and Charles who have no street skills were banished to the other side of the door but made their presence known by meowing loudly most of the day. I got a little bit of sewing done in between tuning out Myf and Charles and chatting to locals who stopped by to check out the shop. I think I got the thumbs up from them!