Sweet as a nut

A whole lotta choccie melted down, mix with chopped cashew nuts then shaped into crosses of varying sizes, chilled then assembled and you have your very own Choc Cashew Christmas Tree to devour.


Feel the spirit

Plenty of sun, food, booze, friends and best of all, family.

Tree change

Wooo! It’s Christmas Eve! I had my last day of work till next week and the last day of listening to never-ending-on-repeat-Christmas Carols. The markets are also over for the year. Last weekend was great fun but I’m gonna take a week or two off sewing and recover.

After my unforgettable white Christmas last year in Canada it’s exciting to be back on Aussie soil with the whole gang here. The annual choosing of the Chrissy tree pilgrimage took place yesterday at our usual spot. In a moment of madness we thought it would be fun if Myf came along for the drive. She meowed the whole way, and was probably thinking I was taking her to the vets and looked mighty relieved when we arrived back home sans vet visit.

Our tree is now up and decked out and it’s beginning to feel like Christmas. All the decorations are out of little cat’s reach after I caught Charlie a few years ago propped up on his hind legs batting away at the baubles. The smell of the fresh pine is incredible and it’s amazing what a change it has brought to the vibe of the house.

I’ve spied Santa a few times, he gave a cheery wave yesterday as he rode by the shop on his Harley and again today hanging out the window of the local fire truck as they cruised past, blasting his “Ho! Ho! Ho’s!” from their loudspeaker.

I’m looking forward to hanging with the fam and visiting friends over the next few days, the acceptable any-time-goes-drinks and the food. I’m sure you are too, have a fun Chrissy!

Just for you

I’ve got a bit of a homemade/handmade pledge going on for what’s left of this year and for next. To cook and make as much as I can. My first attempt at jam making is on the stove top bubbling away nicely. The house smells amazing. Of sweet apricots and soft vanilla, interlaced with the fresh pine of the Chrissy tree. The apricots, flecked with vanilla seeds have cooked down so they are soft and pulpy. Now it’s time for the sugar. It’s best to avert your eyes when adding the 1kg bag of it! After cooking for a little further, the crinkle test on a cooled plate is a success! Hurrah! Jam!

Now just a month’s wait till I can crack open a jar for a taste test. The early sneaky taste is promising…


On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me something beautiful from Stella & Bea. What will it be? New cushions! New stockings! New Myflet & Burton owl friends! And there’s more!

See you at the Fair tomorrow bright and early.

Market report

Bugger! We forgot to pack the sunscreen! What we should have packed was an umbrella. It’s a Sunday thing, last weeks Berry Market was a complete washout. We hit the road at 5:30am, keen as mustard for our last market of the year in Berry but the signs were there early on that the weather was not on our side. Paddocks covered in heavy fog that had no intention of budging lined each side of the road, the occasional lyrebird darting out of the fog, feathers bouncing. As soon as our site was allocated the clouds gave way to endless rain so it was goodbye Berry Markets, (a quick fix of our drenched hair) and hello to brunch at Lee & Me in Wollongong and a spot of retail therapy. Eggs beni always saves the day. We ended the night at Zoe’s end of year concert, ‘Dance Fusion 2011’ which was an amazing night of dance extravaganza. She had us all working behind the scenes, manning the canteen and ticket sales desk while she raced about organising everyone and still performing herself. Here’s to a smooth, stellar, fantastic performance! I couldn’t be prouder :)


Christmas countdown

I’m not overly feeling the Christmas vibe just yet, I keep forgetting it’s nearly here. I got a shock when I saw a sign in a shop window today exclaiming, ’13 days ’til Christmas!’ Maybe next week when we finally get our tree the it’ll kick in.  Then I can stop being bah-humbug and embrace the spirit, and the food that I know is on the way! In the meantime I’ll hibernate and munch on Lovely Butter Beans with Bacon, teamed with roast potatoes and fried asparagus and beans. Thanks Jamie for the recipe! Not the most summery of foods but it was cold enough for us to have a fire last night, the cats were very pleased indeed.

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