We are all made of stars

Only a few days of boarding left here before the season winds up for another year and I’m making the most of any free time to be out there trying new runs.¬†Outside there’s a furious burst of flurries dancing in the breeze. The perfect snowflakes are sparkling in the light and are raining down like glitter, covering you in a million perfect stars. I love this place.



Just a quick hi cause I’m on a borrowed computer as mine died, but hopefully I can fix it……might cry though if I can’t. Work has¬†been nuts and is set to get crazy again this weekend but apart from that the boarding and snow has been amazing. Went down my first black run which is the second hardest you can do here. Nearly changed my mind peeping over the edge but went for it anyway. It was aptly named “Chaos”….but, success, made it! Also had fun in the park on the Border Cross track. Good fun for the first few little jumps and rollers but came a little unstuck on the last one and had a spectacular tumble, so nursing a sore shoulder today. Under a month to go here now, yikes. Plenty more time to break something.