Where in the world is Wagga Wagga?

Never thought I’d ever miss living in Wagga, well apart from the fun times that were had and the awesome people who I miss and the divine baked goods at Bernard’s stall “So French, So Fresh”. If you visit, buy lots of pastries, try them all! So reading this made me smile…

“Homework: Compose a poem about my defeat of the Wagga Wagga Werewolf! Signed copies of Magical Me to the author of the best one!”

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets

JK Rowling

 Wagga Wagga. So good they named it twice.


To the Den!

We’ve been couch hopping at the pubs, last night it was the Bulldog where Ruby Grapefruit and Pineapple were the flavours promised in my delightful glass of Pinot Blanc. A few appy’s to share,  Chilli dusted Yam fries with smokey Jalapeno and Honey Aioli to nibble on,followed by Caramalised Tomato and Goats Cheese dip with warm Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia soldiers. Yum, such fun. So fun I actually fell asleep on the couch in the pub, thanks Hayley for waking me up with ice-cubes to the face!

Being Monday it meant it was off to the Den for our much loved tradition of the Monday night staff dinner meal. Fireside spot and couches were waiting for us along with an awesome meal and my always reliable glass of Pinot Grigio. Then back home to our couch for dessert where the brownies are ready and still warm. Mmmm, gooey choccie goodness.  So welcome after today’s fun! I’m ready to head back out there again tomorrow. It’s calling.

Cook up

Spending the morning in fresh -10 temps makes you crave comfort food so it’s back inside to cook the afternoon away. Lemon and Cranberry Muffins first up. Great recipe that I stumbled upon in a blog after googling the ingredients. The rich, rich, deep ruby red of the cranberries were so vibrant against the brilliant yellow of the lemons. They only lasted 3 days. Winner of a recipe, try it out! Follow the link to the great blog and recipe. Next time I’ll add a smidge more lemon zest. I also had no paper muffin cases so made my own from baking paper which worked a treat.


Roast Vege Lasagna is a dish I have cooked a few times and only once made it perfect. I made the not so nice version of this dish. The combo of roast sweet potato’s, tomatoes and baby spinach was tasty, just not enough white sauce which gave it crispy pasta.

To compensate there’s another batch of Raspberry Choc Brownies cooking away. I can smell them from the couch (and so can the whole hostel), so far they look textbook perfect. Hurry up and be ready!

Let it snow

What a week or two! I’m about to clock in 9 months travelling and the season here is on the downhill stretch, only about 6 weeks left. I’ll be certainly glad to ditch my hideous uniform. A shapeless maroon “schmock” evil in both shape and colour. I feel when I wear it all personality gets sucked out. The only bonus to being promoted to supervisor that I can think of so far is getting to wear a different coloured schmock in navy blue. Slight improvement.

 Last week a perfect bluebird day was the first thing I saw when I peeked out the window and it made for an amazing day boarding, the best I’ve had so far. This morning was a little different with the hills cloaked in a fog, all white and wonderful with sculptural snow ghost trees and a sheer wind whipping across. I am suddenly reminded of why I am here. Something that started as a challenge, can I live at the snow, has turned into something beautiful and evolved into a new love. Whiskey Jack, Sundance, Far Out and Big Dipper are all new runs to play on. Boarding is still amazing and new all the time and while launching myself down the mountain is still scary, winding my way down hugging it’s curves makes me all the more determined to do this.

Then there’s always night boarding which is truly magical and such a novelty. Friday night had a soft, transparent beautiful moon hidden at times behind the swelling, inky black clouds. A true Harry Potter moon. The hillside, village and runs were lit up with twinkly lights that reminded me of a trail of firebugs. Picture postcard perfect.

AND a sale on etsy. Yay!

Where to next?

It’s been just over a year now since my heart was broken with that date forever etched in my memory and until now it was no clearer what to do next. Where does all the love you feel go? And where do you put it is also closely followed by why am I here and what am I doing with my life? And what do I want?

Our trip very suddenly became my trip and it‘s bittersweet that travel is the saviour here, being the catalyst for the past year’s angst. At the heart of it travel is always challenging, frustrating and trying but the flipside is that despite it all it of it’s also uplifting, inspiring and comes with that good old freedom and endless possibilities.

Now it’s up to me to find the courage to forge ahead with a new life and new wants for it. But at the same time I feel like I have to bury a part of myself or at least those old plans that I was so excited for because it would feel so wrong to continue with them either alone or with someone else.

Here I am living in my own private snow dome and it’s just been given a good, solid shake and turned upside down.

 “I’m trying to find the stars.”

“You’ve already collected them along your way. The kiss on your cheek, the strength in your steps and the hope in your heart.”

 Kathleen Finlay and Diana Kolpak. Starfall Exhibition, Montreal, Canada 2010.

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Je ne veux pas travailles, je ne veux pas dejeuner, je veux juste oublier, et puis je fume.

I don’t want to work,  I don’t want to have lunch, I just want to forget and then I smoke.