Listening to…

Theme tunes for the week. Listen and weep.

  • Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons
  • Spotlight – The Waifs
  • Where Are You Now? – The Audreys
  • Fuck the People – The Kills
  • Run & Hide – Anne Chalon
  • Hurricane Drunk – Florence and the Machine
  • It Makes no Difference – Harry Manx
  • Wicked Game – Rick Price & Mitch Grainger
  • Worried Shoes – Karen O & the Kids
  • If I Were a Carpenter – Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
  • Need You Now – Lady Antebellum


  • Harvest Moon – Neil Young

Well said The Audreys

“I said well there’s nothing wrong with me, maybe there’s something wrong with you”

‘Nothing Wrong with Me’ – The Audreys

Let the countdown begin

Aussie Day is in full swing back home and here on the mountain we’re about to start what I’m sure will turn into a bash until Thurs. There’s a solidarity and comfort amongst the Aussies here especially in the wake of the widespread flooding at home with plenty of well meaning enquiries from guests who are always curious and concerned about the situation. In times like this we all just pitch in generously and pull together, that’s what being Australian means to me.

 Aussie day for me is…the smell of suncream on sun drenched limbs, big floppy straw hat shielding you from the sun, bronzed feet in thongs, a faded beach towel and a pair of sunnies.  Throw into the mix lamingtons, a meat pie, an ice-block and some pav and you’re than more ready. Last year was a day spent in the Wagga sun feasting on bbq nosh at Jacqui’s with some cold bevvies and a splash in the pool  and of course listening to the countdown. Triple J is live streaming on the wireless at The Den later tonight, my vote this year is for Florence and the Machine with Dizzee Rascal – “You got the Dirtee Love”.

 Bbq  those prawns and soak up the sun everyone at home. Happy Australia Day you beautiful country!

Sweet dreams

So I’m still thinking about dessert and wishing I had some of these left…

 This batch of Raspberry Choc Brownies turned out much gooier and pudding like cause I used a weird shaped wrong sized dish, but no complaints here. Methinks another lot is in order very soon.

Empty nesters

309 is one roommate down. Jess has abandoned us for family, uni, and the promise of south coast sunshine and sunburn. So 309 is a feeling much emptier, but hey, what a good excuse for a fancy dinner out!

Crab and King Prawn Pappardelle with basil, lemon, capers and tomatoes anyone? Maybe some fruity olive oil and sweet balsamic with sourdough crusty bread to dip in to start? Yes please, and don’t forget the wine. Riesling  from the Okanagan Valley was spot on and served in beautiful little glass pitchers. If I’d had room I would have also tried the 5 spice chicken with sweet potato and ginger mash, bok choy and toasted cashew nuts, but that’s for next time.

But of course there was room for dessert and I’ve been dreaming of this dessert ever since I tried it last week. A scoop each of Limincello Sorbet and Marscapone Semifreddo with Italian Meringue and fresh raspberries. Holy mother of god, that was the best damn dessert I’ve had for a long time. I savoured it for 10 mins. I’ll be back just for that.

Love you Jess! See you for that road trip next year!

Pow pow x2

If I thought 20cm’s was fun, how about 40cm’s of fresh snowfall here at the Star. Boarding through knee deep untouched powder gave the most incredible feeling of floating and gliding. Then off to Big White for more powder and my first proper steep and scary green and blue runs. Pow pow to the max.

pow pow

20 cm’s of new snow overnight just had to be tested out. It all just clicked on Tues with boarding. A day off saw me back on the beginner’s slope, Magic Carpet, joining all the little kiddies and trying to get some confidence back after a 2 week break before heading out again on to a proper slope on Wed. A snowy foggy day kept the slopes fairly quiet and I found myself weaving my way down the mountain swapping from my toes to heels linking my turns, making big lazy s-shapes and happily not crashing into the barrier fences that were waving at me in the breeze, cheering me on. I did manage to spectacularly collect Lisa getting off the lifts. Seems that the trick it so look ahead, don’t look down! Sorry mate! Many other falls and tumbles for the first few goes but it’s fun landing in knee deep fresh pow pow. Last run of the day however was a complete success. Made it the length of Silver Queen without stacking it or stopping halfway, cruised my way down and came to a beautiful controlled stop at the bottom. Ooooooh yeah. Snowboarding rocks!

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