Hit the slopes!

It’s time to hit the slopes. I’ve already bought most of my gear but was missing a pretty big part. I am now the proud owner of one very sexy Burton board, please be kind to me board! And bindings and boots. Very cool helmet to follow in a few days then I’ll be out there falling over, and over, and over.


Silver Star Blue

Surprise! Laura’s here! We met up in town which was getting all set up for their “Lighting of the Tree” festival night. A big bonfire was raging in the main street where everybody crowded around to toast marshmallows on big purpose made sticks that held about 5 marshmallows each time. Eating crispy caramalised sweet marshmallows while snow is falling on you was just picture perfect. Yum. Then to the cafe with the comfy seats where the girls supplied me with staplers and tape for an impromptu panther ear making craft session.

The next day we wandered about the village, attempted a snow man which quickly became a snow baby. Ending up looking like a bit of a cross between the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters and a gremlin/jellybaby.  Powder snow is impossible to shape so our grand plan of an amazing tall snowman was dashed. So off to the bakery to warm up and take in some Ski Wing pastries and Bear Claw choccie. Then to the Bulldog, where we’ve got the pub to ourselves and more importantly the fireplace. Glass of wine in hand, a beautiful fragrant riesling from the Okanagan Valley that smells like summer, of apricots and peaches. Angus & Julia Stone is keeping us company from the speakers stirring up memories of home and happy times. We are cozy and settled in for the night. J’ai un tres bon professeur de Francais.  A wonderful whirlwind visit, see you in Paris Laura!


This little panther made it to the P Party with her Parisienne mate. There were the usual Pirates, Pyjamas, Pink Fairies, Pimps and their ladies. I loved Amy’s Pink Panther and we whipped up Sarah a smashing dress out of a plastic bin bag. The fun part of the night was dressing up. We had a spin on the dance floor and stayed for a few drinks until I got slapped in the face by some random Pommy dude for telling him what Qantas was. We decided the place was full of bogans, which was funny explaining what that meant to Laura, and promptly left. Next up – Ugly Jumper party. Yo.

Snow life

It was an early start to make my way up to the ski resort last week. The towns we drove through were still sleeping as we passed. Business’s were dark, the only sign of life being weakly lit neon signs, everyone in Canada seems to love neon. I notice Grimm Sausage, Tim-Br Mart and Canadian Cuper Centre. Is all this a foreboding warning? Am I heading to the right place? Have I made the right decision to leave the farm? Will I even like snow? Well that was last week. Here are some things I now know. Snow is cold and wet but it’s ok cause I’ve got a ton of warm gear. It’s as foot sinking as sand and is either really easy or really hard to walk on. It’s bright like a bleached washing line of white sheets on a summer’s day that has you reaching for your sunnies. The mountains are covered in deep layers of soft as could be powder snow, it constantly makes me hungry, and has me thinking of giant white glossy meringue peaks that I want to go and lick. It turns out that I like snow. It is pristine in it’s perfect whiteness.

Bugaboo to you too

Bit of a limbo week waiting for training and work to officially start and more importantly the mountain to open, which is now tomorrow! Expect hordes of people making a dash to be the first in the lift lines. I know I’ll be waiting to be first in line but I’ll be at Bugaboo’s Cafe & Bakery. Walk down the snow covered path from the hostel and you end up right at Bugaboo’s door. Step inside and take shelter from the chill and find a possie in the very brilliant heated window seats. You won’t want to leave. Right now I’m thinking a raspberry croissant, a cinnamon scroll or maybe a bear claw – this is not the delicious pastry version I’ve had before. This is a chocolate version. Bugaboo’s mean business. Belgian dark chocolate , soft caramel centre and then cashew nuts as the claws. Yes please! Maybe due to pressure from all the Aussies, (So far, Silver Star is 90% Aussies) I was chuffed to see meat pies, sausage rolls and vege rolls there. Rumour has it they also make vegemite rolls and lamingtons in the busy season to keep us happy. I have a feeling I’ve just found my new local.

The “P” Party

Poutine or Panther. These are my options. Panther is easy and fun and it would be cool to wear a sleek sexy black number with little ears, Poutine is a little trickier. For you that don’t know, Poutine is a Quebec dish. Fries smothered in gravy and dotted with cheese curds. Pretty much a heart attack on a plate but I adore it. Normally when I order it I try not to have too many plans for later that day so one can have a lie down after eating it. I was thinking of an Aussie style cork hat, but with bits of Styrofoam hanging from it as the cheese curds…any other ideas? So the jury is out people, it’s up to you to decide. And it’s on this Fri night.

Ugly jumper party is next up and is on in a few weeks and I found myself a real doozy already. It’s a knitted, embroidered, beaded white number that I imagine a lady named Beryl with a blue hair rinse wore once upon a time, probably sometime in the late 80’s. It also has wicked shoulder pads, I wonder if it was Beryl’s favourite jumper?


There is snow everywhere, I have never seen so much snow in my life or ever been this cold. The temp is sitting at a cool -20. The forecast tomorrow is for a brain freezing -40. Yeeeeoowww. Definitely time to crack out my White Ninja bandeanie, onya Cass! I’ve only got to venture out quickly for orientation, then I will be quick as a flash back inside to hibernate and snuggle in with my Harry Potter doona. And maybe some choccie.

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