Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a new one for me, we don’t celebrate it in Aus. So it has been fun to decorate the house, make biccies and of course dress up! I’m going as Jane Lane from the ‘Daria’ t.v show :) “Talking toilet, you may call me Jane.”


Hey gorgeous!

It’s time to say goodbye to the East Coast and head West to Vancouver. I fly over Wyoming, Montana and Oregon before swooping down into Vancouver. Fall is seriously happening below with brilliant reds, oranges and yellows visible from the sky. It’s like a giant patchwork paddock rug that’s been spread out beneath. I just hit the 5 month mark travelling and Vancouver is my new home for a few days. First thoughts – this is an easy one, I love this place instantly. I can see why it’s consistently voted in the top 10 places to live worldwide. It’s official, everyone in Vancouver is gorgeous! Especially the men, even both boat drivers were knockouts. The city is inundated with Aussies (we must be in on the secret),especially in the hosties, our voices kinda travel. I meet my 2nd Aussie florist in 1 week.  Both are so lovely. Anna at Pink Twig in Toronto, and a Tassie chick at the Granville markets. The city is harbour meets mountains, it’s the best of both. I know there’s a mountain up there, you just kinda forget for a bit with all the fog, then suddenly it slopes out at you.

After wandering about for a bit head over to Granville Island and take a peek at the Markets. Mmmm, the Granville Markets. Well firstly, it’s just darn fun getting there. Walk over the bridge or catch the dinky wooden boat over. Food galore – cheeses, meats, chocolates.  My pick – the Italian stall. I had to restrain myself from reaching in and helping myself to a cannoli or 2. Fresh pasta, risotto cakes, baked ricotta marinated in paprika, olive oil and chilli are all on offer. I finally settled on fresh pappardelle and buy cherry tomatoes, bocconcini and pesto to add. At the bakery I pick up some herb and cheese Cornbread for the side. Outside kids are chasing pigeons. One little boy was determined to catch one and the pigeon didn’t wanna know about that game. Dad’s, kid’s and families are up bustin’ a move in the sunshine to the busker’s tunes. There’s one guy plucking away on a banjo, another with a ukulele. I’m going back tomorrow to try a cranberry and maple tart.

Last stop for the day was the Flea Market. I had pretty high hopes and they were shattered. It was just landfill junk, apart from the odd stall of true vintage. I’m still trying to think what made the $1 admission worth it. I know, it was the stoned guy who said to me “You’re a very beautiful woman”. Thanks stoned guy! And yeah, the reports are true, the whole city smells of weed. And pine trees.


Whirlwind week just had in Toronto with awesome friends, thanks for the couch Brig! It ended up being a mega week of feasting. Amazing cheese’s at Global Cheese, Sweet Potato Fries at Nirvana, Sushi on King St, Pho Hung’s for Vietnamese – Yes, Colin, I made it there as promised, not exactly a hard promise though. P.S. order the C18…Then ex-pat Aussie Brig surprised me with Milo and Tim Tam’s. Enough said :)

When I wasn’t out at lunch I was out looking for design shops as the city always turns up brilliant new design shops, my top 2 picks are ‘Virginia Johnson’ on Ossington and ‘Bookhou’ over on Dundas West. Both have amazing textiles.

Walking home somewhere along Queen St I got asked “Superman or Spiderman?” by a passing group of random students. I hope I helped whatever bet or data collecting they were doing. Spiderman for sure.

See ya Toronto. Who knows when I’ll be back next. If you go, remember to pronounce it like a local. Say it with me, “Trono.”

Toronto books

The Agassi book was spotted on the plane, the Dragon book was being read aloud to a little girl on the bus by her Dad. And the whole bus was listening :)

  • Open, An Autobiography – Andre Agassi
  • How to Train Your Dragon – Cressida Cowell.

Greyhound reading

Who would have guessed the Greyhound bus would turn up such a mixed bag of books. Seriously though, Jung? That’s darn impressive for a 9hr bus trip! Spotted…

  • Selected Works – Jung
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  • Girl Who Played with Fire – Stieg Larsson
  • The Fiery Cross – Diana Gabaldon
  • Darkness, Take my Hand – Denis Lehane
  • Under the Dome – Stephen King
  • Hold Tight – Harlan Coben

Just finished

I’ve been cramming this week. Partly cause the books were so great, apart from ‘Here on Earth’, which I could barely finish; and partly cause I’m moving on this week and can’t fit them in my pack. Bring on the next ones :)

Nuts to you nut butter

New favourite things this week. Blue corn chips. The novelty factor alone is worth it, and they are salty and delicious. Cashew nut butter, where has this been all my life???  And  lastly, maple syrup sweets bought from a stall at last weekend’s Market. Kinda fudgy and soft, they are just incredible.

 Since I’m in a foodie mood and I have fresh raspberries galore, last night I felt inspired to make another pav, it was textbook spot on and the raspberries made it perfect. But what to do with the egg yolks? I remembered this recipe I always wanted to try, ‘Raspberry Pots’ from the Marie Claire series “Comfort” by Michele Cranston. I’ve looked at the page so many times when I open the book it automatically falls open to that page. I knew the ingredients but not the method (or quantity’s), so I thought maybe I could wing it by basing it on a regular baked custard recipe.  It didn’t quite work as it didn’t set, although it tasted sublime. Yum.

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