Drizzle it, drizzle it…

I cooked an awesome cake tonight, a raspberry and walnut yoghurt cake, also known as “Philemon’s cake”. Thanks Gen for the recipe! The only thing is, it was kinda blue inside. Really blue, in a Bridget Jones “is that blue soup?” way….but still good. It was the walnuts, they were the culprit. We flambéed it and drizzled it (“drizzle it, drizzle it”……after all it is Black Books day today!) all over with caramel sauce and it tasted bloody awesome. For a blue cake.


Black books

Public transport always turns up a good book to spy. Spotted yesterday in Montreal on the Metro…

  • Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society – Mary Ann Shaffer
  • Where Are You Now? – Mary Higgins Clark
  • Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen
  • And Something by Diana Gabaldon. ( I couldn’t translate the title fast enough in French!)

 And just because it’s Black Books Day today. “Jam, jam, jam.”

Olive et Gourmando

It’s simple really. This is the best cafe I know in Montreal and is definitely in my top 10 ever…so far anyway…it might get its spot bumped, there are many more to still be discovered I hope!

 Order #5 for lunch – Toasted Panini with caramalised onions, goats cheese and this amazing tomato relish/dipping sauce. It’s chocka full of spices…the dominating one is cloves. Everything about the place is fantastic. Save room for dessert, oh yes indeed. And go for the Tartelicious. A crispy, light, flaky, buttery pastry square topped with blueberries or peaches with vanilla bean…Apart from the food, I love Olive et Gourmando for many reasons. Even if it’s hideously packed I can always find a spot to perch, and when it’s quietened down I can sit there for hours undisturbed. And three years after my last visit they still remember me and my dessert order (shame on me!). If I could live in or marry a cafe, it would be this one.

Monday, Martine, Markets and Mowing

It’s been an interesting day. Firstly it’s Monday, and who likes Mondays?  I like them more than I used to since I don’t really have a job anymore, but still, I am loyal to my Monday hating. Martine the kitten scratched me in the face, just missing my eyes…I now have 6 very big impressive scratches down my face, thanks for that Martine! She’s not exactly what I’d call tame. I mowed for hours in the blueberry fields and avoided mowing down 5 frogs, they hide in the long grass!…but decapitated one right at the end. It was really quite disgusting and I feel pretty bad, sorry froggy!

 On the plus side we had a stall at an Organic Market this weekend just gone and once again it was a roaring success. We cooked up a storm in the biscuit department. I baked 300 Bisous a la melasse (molasses kisses), 150 epeautre avec canneberge et chocolat and of course bombe au chocolat et framboise, 3 trays of those. All sold. And it’s nearly Tuesday and that means a day trip to Montreal!

You are one damn weird cat

Ok, my cat Charlie is officially weird.  He likes to do strange things like sleep, roll, chew on used stinky towels and clothes, is completely obsessed with his mouse toy that he catches and fetches back..but that one is my fault cause I trained him to play fetch, yes, I take all the blame there. His new thing – scooping sunflower seeds out of the bag all by himself, then rolling and jumping in them. I guess if it feels right go with it :)

Stella & Bea…and etsy


New greeting cards just listed on etsy, handmade by me, they are sewn with children’s vintage book illustrations from the 1950’s and come with a handcrafted envelope. Here’s a sneak peek at a few, go on, be curious and have a look…!

A Mouse!

It’s 4:45am, you’re asleep…but you feel something on your face. This doesn’t feel right. You wake up immediately because you realise it was a mouse. The mouse you’ve heard for the last few nights scampering about but haven’t been able to catch. The feeling is so bloody revolting. War is declared and revenge is sweet. Sorry mouse, I won.

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