tin type

Tin type’s are my new favourite thing to collect. Lisa, who I met at the Eastham, Cape Cod HI Hostel introduced them to me. I had seen them before but didn’t know much about them. I think this one is circa 1855-1860. It’s not perfect, the surface is very buckled but I love the expression and the dress and the great print on the fabric in the foreground. I picked this one up in a junk shop in Quebec. It cost me a buck, excellent.


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The junk shop that also sells paint? Sure, why not?

Okay, this place is a little different. It’s the type where you leave itching from the dust and sneezing for the next 15 mins….but, it’s also maybe, just maybe, the place where you’ll find that amazing piece. For me, it was a vintage medicine bottle, labels still attached and a Quebec number plate. If you’ve ever been to ‘Campbell’s of Oura’, NSW, Australia, you’ll understand. Towering piles of stuff in aisles so narrow it’s strictly one person at a time. I guess they’re playing on the whole home reno’s idea so while you are there furnishing your house you can have a pot of paint made up. It’s somewhere near Windsor, Quebec, you can’t miss it. Be patient and remember to look up!

Crab cakes, lobster rolls and chowder, oh my!

If you want to eat Crab Cakes in Baltimore like I do, go to Faidley’s in the Lexington food market. These guys are an institution, they have held their stall there forever and deserve their praise. The lump crab cake is my pick, flavoursome and meaty, we’re talking proper chunks of crab. Eat it standing up at the tables and bond with other visitors over how damn good it tastes.

On Cape Cod nothing beats a lobster roll. The best one yet is from the sushi and seafood shack on top of the hill at Gay Head Lighthouse, Aquinnah, Martha’s Vineyard. This spot has stunning panoramic views of the lighthouse and beaches. Grab yourself a crusty roll with a lip smacking combo of lobster to mayo, celery and lettuce mix. Best eaten while sitting in the sun watching the waves break down on the beach.

Chowder. Newfoundlanders do it best! Cod is the flavour here, if you want clams, head to New England. Try the Cod and Prawn Chowder at Anchor Cafe, Port Aux Choix. You can’t miss it, the place has half a boat sticking out the front of the building. If you are really hungry, try the Prawn Burger first, then Chowder and follow it with a Newfie Mug Up. Hot sweet milky tea with molasses drenched  bread on the side to dip in.

Learn to cook!

Cooking has always been a bit of a mystery for me. I think I approach the kitchen with bravado, but it doesn’t always work. After living with a chef for the past 3 years I really should know more, so I am going to learn. Starting now. I swerve between following recipes exactly as they are printed, sweating over the instructions, re-reading over and over and with all the ingredients lined up neatly, chopped, ready and awaiting command in little bowls. Or just chucking it all together and hoping for the best. So I’ve been having some fun in the kitchen (who knew?) and have discovered some great recipes shared by new friends. Let there be biscuits! And chef, if you are reading this, thanks for all the tips, I really was listening all those times…

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